CyberEye empowers students, professionals, trainers and organizations
to build their capacities in CyberSpace.

CyberEye-Cyber Security for Government Organisations

Cyber Security for Government Organisations

Figure out the best practices of Cyber Security

CyberEye has the expertise and experience in training officials of Government Organisations in best practices of Cyber Security. We are a member of NASSCOM and DSCI. CyberEye trained academicians and professionals of ISRO, DRDO, CBI, BPR&D, NIA, WCL etc. including IPS officers, as a part of the Professional Development Program at ESCI.

Designed based on industry standards, CyberEye offers its offline trainings and workshops to Government Officials to make them figure out the essence of Cyber Security.

CyberEye-Cyber Security for Corporates

Cyber Security for Corporates

Build an expert team in Cyber Security

Secure your organization with a fully trained Cyber Security team. Train your employees better, quicker and more productive than ever before. Assess accurately at micro level and build highly effective and efficient teams.

CyberEye offers customized adaptive training platforms for enterprises along with offline workshops and training programs by Cyber Security Professionals. We address the iron triangle of cost, quality and access through our customer-centric solutions.

CyberEye-Cyber Security for Students and Professionals

Cyber Security for Students and Professionals

Become a Guardian of CyberSpace

Are you the one who dreams of a secure world? Do you search for solutions beyond problems? Do you aspire for a career which has the blend of professionalism and purpose?

If your answer is yes, then you can be a ‘Guardian of CyberSpace’.

CyberEye’s Adaptive Engine makes learning easy, efficient and fun. Becoming a world class Cyber Security Professional is not a dream anymore!

CyberEye-Cyber Security for Trainers

Cyber Security for Trainers

Be an expert trainer. CyberEye supports you in every step

Add proficiency to your passion. Be an expert trainer and bridge the human resource gap in Cyber Security. With the help of CyberEye, build your expertise in Cyber Security along with mastering the art of training.

Join the trainers community of CyberEye and transform the world’s cyber landscape. Inspire learners and make a real difference.

CyberEye-Cyber Security for Educational Institutions

Cyber Security for Educational Institutions

Empower your students in Cyber Security

Empower your students to become the ‘Guardians of CyberSpace’. Make them realise that they are extraordinary. Let the reputation of your institute skyrocket with CyberEye.

Let your students explore the galaxy of opportunities that come with proficiency in Cyber Security. CyberEye’s Adaptive Engine and offline trainings by experts help your students stay ahead of the competition.

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