Becoming a world class Cyber Security Professional is not a dream anymore!

World’s first end-to-end micro level Adaptive Engine is here for you

Be the Guardian of CyberSpace

Our Adaptive Engine helps you in every aspect
The world needs you!

3.5 million
Unfilled Cyber Security jobs globally by 2021
2 job openings for every qualified candidate

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your educational background is!

Our Adaptive Engine takes you right from zero-level to advanced international standards

We know that you are unique

Our Adaptive Engine makes you learn at your own space and pace

Here is everything you need

Becoming a world class Cyber Security Professional is not a dream anymore!

CyberEye-Personalized Learning-cyber security
Personalized Learning

Every individual is unique and has distinct learning patterns. Our advanced Adaptive Engine offers customized learning paths to every individual. It provides a great learning experience like never before.

CyberEye-Cyber Lab in your pocket-cyber security
Cyber Lab in your pocket

We present you a world-class, state-of-the-art virtual lab in mobiles and tablets. Now you can carry out Cyber Security experiments anytime, anywhere!

CyberEye-Micro-level Assessment-cyber security
Micro-level Assessment

With our micro level assessments, we get an in-depth understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Aggregation of both cognitive and non-cognitive data gives us your 3-dimensional profile. Accordingly, content will be customized for you.

CyberEye-Earn while you Learn-cyber security
Earn while you Learn

We’ve designed a unique pricing model for you. Our first module is free for everyone. As you learn, you will earn reward points which you can use to buy next module and so on. The better you learn, the more you earn.

CyberEye-Offline Trainings-cyber security
Offline Trainings

Classroom trainings will be provided starting from $20 per month. Workshops of duration one to five days will be conducted starting from $5 per person per day. Rigorous residential trainings by experts will be offered to selected members.

CyberEye-CSPC certification Program-cyber security
CSPC Program

Cyber Security Proficiency Certification(CSPC) Program consists of ten levels. As soon as you complete Level 1, you will be eligible for jobs in Cyber Security.

Besides English, our Adaptive Engine supports you in vernacular languages too.

Taking Cyber Security Training to the next level

To create synergy, our Adaptive Engine is built on insights from our observations combined with extensive research carried out across the world on learning methodologies. Our engine takes care of cognitive, behavioral, social and motivational aspects that impact the learning of an individual.

adaptive learning-Competency Based Learning-cyber security
Competency Based Learning

Every concept is introduced bit by bit until you internalise it thoroughly. It strengthens your cyber security skills effectively and efficiently.

adaptive learning-Cognitive Data Analysis-cyber security
Cognitive Data Analysis

To provide effective training, we gauge your learning patterns and traits like learning rate, retention rate, efficiency, productive time of the day etc.

adaptive learning-Knowledge maps-cyber security
Knowledge maps

Highly detailed knowledge maps are developed to identify your conceptual strengths and weaknesses and model your training to achieve the desired proficiency

adaptive learning-Item Response Theory-cyber security
Item Response Theory

The Adaptive Engine models your ability using question level performance instead of aggregate test level performance to provide accurate, standardized assessment

adaptive learning-Accelerated Learning Framework-cyber security
Accelerated Learning Framework

To realise your maximum learning potential , Accelerated Learning Framework is designed based on the functioning of human brain. Right learning attitudes, which foster rapid and efficient learning, are imparted to make the learning process more natural and easier.

adaptive learning-Analytics 360°-cyber security
Analytics 360°

Our analytics provide real time feedback and personalized reports, which gives you an opportunity for self reflection and self monitoring on learning outcomes as well as behavioral traits.

CyberEye Addresses Shortage of Cyber Security Professionals

Shortage of Cyber Security Professionals is an increasing concern all over the world. CyberEye addresses this problem through its technologically disruptive engine. The reasons for shortage are as follows

Scarcity of Quality Trainers

Limited availability of trainers teaching basic skills effectively


To become a Cyber Security Professional with international certifications, one has to spend around $10000

Lack of hands-on experience

Hands-on experience in laboratories is very important to become an expert in Cyber Security. But establishing and maintaining Cyber Security labs is very expensive.

Do you want to join the community of world class Cyber Security Professionals? CyberEye makes it possible now.

What people say about us

Myths and Truths about Cyber Security

Out of 4000 members interested in becoming Cyber Security Professionals, 90% are not taking any initial steps
because of language barriers and common myths like #

Cyber Security is only for Computer Science Students

Anyone with a strong desire can become a Cyber Security Professional.

Cyber Security is all about hacking websites

Cyber Security is much more than just hacking websites. It is about extending the boundaries of technology and exploring the system behaviour beyond its functionalities.

Only extraordinarily intelligent persons can become Cyber Security Professionals

Like in any other field, different levels of experts exist in Cyber Security domain. For example, to take up a profession in physics, a person need not have the expertise of a Nobel laureate.

# Our Survey: Respondents include Engineering Students & Corporate Employees


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